Learning to kiteboard is such an amazing, fun experience! The best and fastest way to learn is to take lessons. An instructors job is to provide the student with a good learning environment to ensure not only that you have the most fun possible but to also speed up the learning process so you can spend the maximum amount of time on the water. Kiteboard Kauai does this for you! At Kiteboard Kauai you can expect professional lessons at the most beautiful kiteboard locations Kauai has to offer.

Please keep in mind that Kauai can be sensitive to newcomers so if you don’t plan on taking lessons ask a local kiter of the dos and don’ts of that certain spot. Most importantly be safe while your kiting in paradise!

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Kiteboard Lessons

Adam Finn

Certified Instructor

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Kiteboard Kauai uses waterproof radio helmets with each lesson. Providing radio helmets to every student insures quality instruction when you need it most, out on the water!